Die richtige Größe deiner Kunstdrucke wählen

Choosing the right size for your art prints

Choosing the right size posters and frames is important to ensure your art prints look their best and have the desired impact. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right size for your poster or frame.

Measure the available space Before choosing a size for your poster or frame, you should measure the available space where it will be hung or placed. Also consider other elements that are present around the poster or frame, such as furniture, windows and doors.

Consider the style of the room The poster or frame should match the style of the room. If you have a modern space, you might want to choose a larger poster or frame to make a bold statement. For a classic room, you can choose a smaller poster or frame for a more subtle effect.

Consider the motif of the poster The motif of the poster can also play a role in choosing the size. If the subject is very detailed, a larger frame or poster can help the details show up better.

Note the proportions It is important to consider the proportions of the poster or frame in relation to the space available. For example, if you put up a small poster in a large room, it can seem lost and have no impact. Conversely, a poster that is too large can be overwhelming in a small space.

With these tips you can ensure that your art prints are presented in the best possible way and achieve the desired effect.

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