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Redouté - White Lily phone case

Redouté - White Lily phone case

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Our rugged phone case is specially designed for high durability and features double-layer material for extra protection. The outer layer is made of a special high-impact plastic that is extremely strong and lightweight. A flexible, black silicone inner lining offers additional shock absorption.

The phone case is made from an aircraft-grade thermoplastic polycarbonate material, also used by Airbus and Boeing. The case is shatterproof and extremely durable. The flexible and protective silicone inner lining provides additional shock absorption.

The case is designed specifically for each model, allowing easy access to all buttons and ports. The coatings are made of water-based polyurethane and offer optimal protection against scratches and wear.

Whether you want to protect your phone from accidental drops or bumps, our phone case is a perfect choice for you. Order today and enjoy the added protection and durability of our phone case.

  • Aircraft grade thermoplastic polycarbonate material (used by Airbus and Boeing)
  • Durable, shatterproof exterior
  • Flexible protective silicone interior
  • Model-specific housing for easy access to the buttons
  • Coatings are water based polyurethane
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