Welche ist die richtige Höhe für deine Bilderhängung?

What is the right height for your picture hanging?

Once you have found a desired location for your mural, the question arises at what height you should hang the picture. The optimal height depends on various factors such as the size and shape of the picture as well as the available space and interior design. A rule of thumb used by professionals in museums and galleries is that the center of the picture should hang 150-160cm off the floor. This guideline also applies to most other purposes. A work of art comes into its own when the center of the picture is at eye level. More specifically, one-third of the image should be above and two-thirds below eye level. However, it is important to consider whether you are viewing the image from a seated or standing position, as the image height should be based on the position from which you are viewing the image.

Ultimately, the decision about the ideal height is always a question of taste. It is therefore important to consider personal preferences and needs when arranging the murals and thus create an individual and appealing eye-catcher.

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